Hey everyone.  First off let me say, I’m not a huge fan of Musicals.  Not saying I don’t like them, but it’s just jarring to me when people express themselves with song.  Kinda like a Noir film where they narrate everything that’s happening, it’s cool.  But it’s a niche device.  But what I have gotten into recently is old 80’s cheese music.  I watched ‘Glow’ recently on netflix and was totally blown away from the Pat Benatar music opening.  (cause I love animation + female empowerment)  So I wanted to bring in some cheesy lyrics.  It also made me look up the original Transformers animated movie.  I’ve been rocking “You’ve got the touch” and “Dare”(which is also in the ‘Glow’ Soundtrack).  Man that movie was awesome.  The Micheal Bay movies don’t even come close.

So you might notice a few changes to the site now and in the next week or so.  First I’m adding a Commisions tab.  I’ll be adding pricing and examples for what I’m offering and when.  Also I’ll be connecting up my Cafe Press store to the site.  Just trying to get some added revenue in and maybe some cool stuff for you guys to buy to support your favorite Kung-fu Zombie webcomic.

Finally I will be starting a Twitch Channel and setting aside a night to work on pages.  So if you want to keep me company while I work, get a sneak peak at how I do what I do and ask me for tips or tricks, I’ll be able to oblige.  I’ll keep you all posted.  =)