I really feel like the work I did on these pages is some of my best yet.  Definitely some of my favorite pages and scenes.  So let’s get into it.  Our Jiang Shi can’t use the zombies he brought with him, Wu Shi took care of that.  But where there are infected bodies, an Army lies waiting for the right wake up call.  I set this series up to really introduce how different aspects of undead work in this world.  At least partaining to these particular Jiang Shi.  Once bitten & deceased, your corpse is available for a ‘body’ call.  Needless to say the Zombies of this world are more mystical than science.

The Zombie in panel 1 in the far right foreground, I totally messed up what I was doing inking his face and instead made some different choices. The Zombie turned out way better than I had orginally intended.  Bob Ross was so right about those happy accidents.  Whether they are happy clouds or Undead Zombies… Happy accidents.