Hi Everyone,

So as you can read I’m not Undead yet.  Life has taken a lot longer for me to get on the right side of so that I can come back to drawing this book.  And I’m still working on that.  Not that life has be bad at all.  My son Clark is growing up really fast, He’s so big.  I’m not just using cute parent lingo for the inevitable passing of time.  He’s wearing clothes for kids twice his age.  He’s also a really happy kid too.  The project my wife & I were working on is still in the air, but we’re still hopeful and I hope I’ll be able to stop hinting and actually announce what it is.  With all of that it’s hard to find time to do this comic which still is my first love and dream.  But as a buddy told me yesterday, “You work on things when you can work on them, it’s progress no matter how slow.”

So, plans… what I should be doing is putting together a block of pages to do a run but I really am sick of looking at this same page on this website every time I check in.  So Here’s page 61.  It’s been a kind of complex one which has slowed me down a bit.  I’m going to stop trying to be so ambitious with my layouts but I really wanted to do this page like this.  I have the next two pages plotted but I feel like I’m going to need two weeks to do each with my limited time.  So I’m shooting for the 14th and the 28th to release the next pages.  Hoping all of this can work out and I can get into a more concrete schedule.

Thank you so much to everyone who stuck around through all of this and who kept checking in.  It meant and still means a lot.