Sometimes I’m terrible with Puns.  Sorry to put you all through it, I just find it terribly Punny.  =D

You’d think action scenes would be the easiest to letter.  But you forget all of the special FX you have to put in.  Like ‘Krack’ or ‘Thud’ or ‘Krachik!’.  But seriously, does anyone have any suggestions for the sound of some dude’s arms being ripped off?  I spend hours thinking about it and Krachik was the best I could come up with.    I have a feeling it’s going to come up again in a Zombie Kung-fu book.

Gah, sorry for the delay guys.  Just getting back from a Vegas getaway with the wife.  Won some cash, relaxed a bit, then got home and realized I had set up the time for this page to post for 11 PSD.  Here you go.  =)