Looks like the Stranger knew what he was doing after all.  Don’t be such a spazz ‘old man’.  I realize I haven’t been good at getting names out.  I was considering keeping the generic titles of ‘Old Man’ or ‘Stranger’.  But as you can read, our ‘Stranger’s name is “Hu”.

I’m extremely happy with not just drawing but writing this page.  Part of why I’m doing Way of the Undead fist is because I wanted to finally draw something that I had, or was writing.  And between all of the Kung-fu battles, the story has be rather limited.  This really is one of the first pages I feel like I’ve been able to do a little world building. Very rewarding, as it the following page.  So tune in next week as well.  =)

Quick note.  So I had to fix a small whoops in one of the bottom dialog bubbles.  It read, “I came looking for him as I Knew Master Lao would.”  but it was supposed to be ‘Master Yi’.  I had changed the name and missed a replacement.  If you ever make a comic, write down as much as you can.  You can forget a lot of what you are planning to do if you don’t.  =0