Hu Designs 1 copy   Here are some early character sketches of the the Undead Fist’s main Character ‘Hu’.  Note the long sleeves.  The idea was that he used them to hide his ‘dead’ hand.  Also some early designs on the mystical ‘Bracer of the Undead’.    

  I’m trying to keep up with posting sketches and Character designs as I can.  However as I’m also working hard to get enough pages done for a proper launch, you’ll have to pardon my lack of a posting schedule.

I’m also trying to work with my friend putting this site together.  I like knowing everything I can about whatever job I am doing.  Knowledge is strength, knowing how to do things is always a plus.  Think about it kids, why do you think Batman is so cool?

This site and comic are happening and it will be awesome.  I hope to see you back here when I finally officially launch it.