So apparently the title isn’t an actual word.  But it feels like a perfectly cromulent word, and as it Embiggens this comic I’m going to go with it.  =)

I missed last weeks page I was supposed to do, so now I’m on an even shorter leash.  I feel like it’s inevitable that I’m going to have to take another hiatus or get a better paying Day-Job.  Hopefully both would be good.  I’m currently working on some portfolio pieces for an opportunity.  I’m very lucky to have friends.  That doesn’t mean I’m giving up, more like I’m digging in.  I have about 5 more weeks to get to then next good stopping point.  That’s currently what I’m shooting for.  I appreciate every last person who has read my book and I will be doing lots more work to keep everything going.

I’m super tired at the moment, so I’m going to cut this short.  Hope you all like the page.  =)