I remember my buddy Mike Nichols was showing me this instructional video on framing.  I don’t know if he had made him himself or he was showing me something he found.  It was years ago.  But it was a clip from Friday the 13th part 3D.  Where Jason was supposedly dead yet we follow the exploits of his last victim as she crawls away… for like 5 minutes.  Which doesn’t sound very long, but on screen, it’s and eternity.  Then all of a sudden she isn’t in the full frame anymore and there is this suspiciously large window in full frame.  Clearly with nothing else going on.  So the movie ends and Jason was dead all along right?  Of course not, Horror movie monster Encore.  Just when you think they’re dead,… whoops.  What I’m trying to say is that I wanted to make sure Way of the Undead Fist did it’s requisite Horror Monster Encore.  <golf clap>    =)

Seriously I really love working on this book.  It’s been a huge creative outlet for me.  Your responses have been awesome. I only wish I had more time to work on it.