Wow, So first off there has been a rather large jump in subscribers to this site.  Currently I’m seeing over 800 subscribers.  That’s awesome, it’s been very inspiring and humbling.   Lots of Comic professionals say that all you need to be a comic artist is to draw one.  But if you’re an artist, you’ve probably already done that.  What you really want is an audience to read your comic.  So Thank you all for that, and Welcome.

So why is our Jiangshi Demon King slaughtering his own minions?  I’m going with Anger issues.  Let’s face it, seeing Hu probably upset him a lot more than he let on.

While I’m beyond thrilled so many of you have subscribed, the comic will still be going on hiatus after March 21st and returning in June.  I just don’t have enough completed to launch episode 2 and between being a Stay at home Dad for a 16-month year old, Part-time barista and everything else I’m spread too thin.  If you would like to help me stay on schedule and hopefully increase my pages per week (my ultimate goal) you can always become a member of my Patreon page.  All donations go directly toward more daycare so I can work on this comic more. If money’s tight, no worries, just remember to be back in June for episode 2.

Thank you everyone for reading.  =)