And yet she persisted… sorry, love me some Elizabeth Warren.  Yes it took 42 pages to finally get to a female character.  But let’s not get hung up on that.  I love strong female characters, I have a rather crazy love for Jane Austin.  But the opportunity did not come up until recently.  Let’s face it there were only 2 surviving characters from book one.  But I’m glad I got to show the ‘General’ first.  =)  I came up with her and immediately pictured a female Darth Vader.  Undead face hidden behind a mask serving an evil Emperor?  I rewrote this page a couple times.  I think I finally liked the version of her insulting the Demon King, making him bring her to heel.  In my book, a Jiangshi’s ability for independent thought is dependent upon how powerful their Chi was before they were ‘raised’.  And I guess I like me some saucy women.