Looks like it was a good thing Hu caught a ride with Beni huh?  Or vice versa…  =)

I feel like I had a much better dialogue in my head when I planned out this page, but for the life of me I can’t remember it.  I spent all week trying to remember what I initially worded, but it’s Tuesday and I gotta post.  I need to be much better about wrting things down.  Especially where I am am currently drawing, there is a good bit of comic levity that’s going to depend on my delivery.

As far as the Art goes, yes, by now I am fully digiatally inking everything and I freakin love what it looks like.  The Wolves came out awesome.  The ploting of the page is fantastic and it works for my favorite convention of Comics,  ‘Conversations over images unrelated to, but symbolic of, the speakers.  Just wait til next week.  =)

Thanks for all the comments.  They mean a lot.  =)