First off, for those readers who know me, Hu’s Dad is not my dad.  This is not an autobiographical portrayal of a parent child relationship.  My dad has always been a very caring & loving figure in my life and knows how to laugh.  As does most of my family.  I am exploring the idea that many of our personalities traits seem to rise from either mimicking or rebeling against what traits we perceive in our parents.  I already am noticing this in my son and am conscious about him picking up any of my bad behaviors.

On another note, I’m rapidly coming to the end of my pages in the can as it were.  I have about 2-3 weeks covered but that’s gonna go quick.  I’m slammed at my barista job, trying to get freelance work to help with bills & hopefully replace the barista job, and am still watching the kid during the mornings and evenings.  Add in chores, housework and other and I’m exhausted.  I’m hoping to make it to November when Clark starts preschool.  But I need to let you all know that unfortunately this comic ranks last amongst things I need to do, and while I hate that, I accept it.  I wanted to warn everyone in case something comes up and I have to take an impromptu break.

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Thanks for all of your readership and support,

Matt Filer