I was tempted to call this place the “Castle of Lions” but my Voltron references were put on hold.  Nice to see how the other half lives.  So Issue one is done, basically.  I added this epilogue to get a better idea of whom we are fighting here.  At this point I thought I’d try my hand at some monochromatic color to see if I could use some digital techniques to speed things up.  This page actually came out pretty cool.  However it was the following page that stumped me.  Instead I went back to my B&W inked version.  I have since moved onto inking on the computer with my new Cintique and that has been a success.  I might consider adding in monochromatic tones again, but I’m still focused on speed while keeping up the current quality more than anything else.

I’ll post the monchromatic version on my blog post on Friday.  Show you what I’m talking about.  Sorry this week is pretty much just an establishing shot.  But still pretty cool eh?  At least it’s not more trees.