There’s always a critic.  =)  I’ve been waiting to do this scene for quite awhile.  These guys were inspired by my childhood memories of Stadler and Waldorf heckling Fozzie the Bear on the Muppet Show.  They were always hilarious.  While I think some current internet versions of the heckler have become mean and childish at times.  The original was a much purer art form, Vaudeville.  There is speculation that many of the pratfalls and capering of the Western stage found it’s way back East via some of the first films shown.  And while Martial Arts and Chinese Theater provided the majority of the backdrop for the Kung fu film.  Elements of Buster Keaton and Chaplin have been found to inspire some of the earliest forms of Martial Arts movies.  And before my critics pop up, I am making a big distinction between Martial arts Masters and people who can make Kung fu look good on Camera.  I’m not saying Vaudeville created the Kung-fu movie by any means.  But that it was one of the many ingredients that make up this wonderful Eastern delight.

So in the spirit of that I wanted to add my own versions of Stadler & Waldorf to the mix.  =)  Enjoy.