Obviously the homages to Circus performer sterotypes being Carneys or Gypsies, portrayed as thieves and the lazy are running large here.  While attempting to blend Asian and Western street fair performers to homage the horror aspects of the Western Circus, I was really shocked to find out how difficult it was.  Much of the slang and conventions of the Western Circus and Freak shows (Thank you Todd Browning) and horror aspects that follow them are distinctly western.  Adding Eastern flavoring has really been difficult.  I like what it’s been but it’s still a bit of a hodgepodge.

Anyway I really like this page.  The last one was great but there just wasn’t enough Darks, the Design was very white and stark.  This page has much more Dark shapes and it grounds it so much better.  Very happy.  Sometimes I have to remember that’s it’s not about always drawing what’s literally happening, but also to make sure the page works Design wise to keep everything interesting.  Good lessons, time to move on.

Thanks to everyone for checking back and Keep on reading.  =)