So it’s with Bittersweet pride that I bring you page 60 of Way of the Undead Fist.  Despite all the support I’m going to have to put the book on Hiatus again.  I’m more sorry than you can know.  I’m not sure when it will be posting again.  I hope soon.   My plan is to finish some Animation Reel and portfolio pieces I haven’t had time to work on and hopefully pick up some more clients.  My hope is I’ll be able to continue Way of the Undead Fist after the New Year.  I will be posting periodically with drawing videos and updates to let you know as to where I am.  But in a nutshell I’m trying to find more paying work to support my family and right now the comic is pulling too much of my time. It’s not all bad, I have some very cool opportunities coming up that are kind of amazing.  But I am and have been very steadfast in my devotion to this, my personal project.  It has been truly joyful to work on this book.  It’s been work, but rewarding work.  Thank you all for your support in reading my work.  Your comments and posts have been a big part as to what’s kept me going and is what will bring me back once I get my dayjob in order.

Thank you so very much for reading and your support, Way of the Undead Fist be back soon,

Matt Filer