Love that line.  So big goings on here.  We’ve learned a little of the nature of Jiangshi zombies.  Interacting with people can be very much a learned script.  I say hi, you ask how I am.  I say fine, and inquire about you.  But is that really all relationships are?  True connections in relationships require empathic response.  To try and understand what someone else is going through.  That’s really what bonding is.  Then to consol or help them with their problems or rejoice in their victories because now you can feel apart of them.  The Dead however lack that empathic response, they can not relate to the living, because they are no longer so.  However they still do have the learned script responses to social settings from their past lives.  They can even understand the importance of things like, kindness, or patience.  However it is all in service of their Jiangshi Warlord Emperor.  His will is the only object of empathic response from the Jiangshi.  The only other people they feel connection with are those they knew in their previous ‘life’.