Hey everyone, Merry Christmas from your favorite Kung Fu Zombie book.  It’s been a little bittersweet for me.  I’ve been able to spend the time with my Son.  And it’s been amazing watching him take in his second Christmas.  At the same time, I found out an old friend passed away earlier this week, far too soon.  I met Victor Llamas working at Romp Films making the animated film “When Booty Calls”.  He was a sweet guy and like most of the people there we got along pretty well.  I can’t say we were close, we didn’t speak again after I left Romp.  But I keep up with his life a bit.  You see he asked me about this girl in the office who was a friend of mine from when Romp was still a dot com.  He was getting out of a marriage and didn’t want to complicate this girl’s life with his baggage.  I told him the truth.  Amy was a big girl and can make up her own mind, and that he would be a lucky guy to have her around.  Turns out he was a very lucky guy.  I reconnected with Amy years later over facebook and I have never seen a happier couple or family.  It truly breaks my heart to hear such awful news.  So with the hope that I can still give good advice this holiday season.  Please take the time to celebrate with those you love and hold them close.  None of us know how long we have, but if we are honest, fearless and have no regrets, I think we can live the fullest lives we can and honor and respect all those around us.  Tell those you love you love them, and have a wonderful Holidays.  Godspeed Victor.