First off I love the idea of participating in #inktober.  However the reality of the situation is just that I do not have time.  In fact I have so little time that I can’t get the next 4 pages done to get to a proper climatic finish.  At the moment this comic takes up too much of my time to justify spending more on it right now.  I have a Son & Family and I need to spend my time on projects that bring in money.  So I’m forced to put my Comic back on hiatus.  I’ve used up all of my pages in the bank and I’m just without the time to continue.  I think I’ll be able to finish page 60 for sometime next week but after that my family has greater need.
It’s not all bad for me, I’ve got some very cool potential jobs lined up that I’ll keep everyone updated on.  Clark will be going to school soon, which should open things up more as well.  But I’ve been neglectful of many little things including finding more freelance work, some small things around the house, even keeping up with additions to this site has been too much.  So I need to simplify for now.
Thank you so much to everyone who’s been reading.  As a testimate to #inktober, here is my submission for #underwater, as I feel like I am. My half finished page 60. I will be back up as soon as I can. #love
-Matt Filer