Hey everyone, sorry for the long drought.  I’ve been working hard getting episode 2 up and ready to start release.  It’s been a full year since my initial post of a full lettered Way of the Undead Fist page 1.  I’ve had a lot going on.  My wife and I finally finalized the adoption of our son Clark.  We could not be happier.  But between being a Stay at home dad, part timing at Starbucks for benefits and doing freelance animation & Design gigs when I can get them, drawing my dream comic falls down in my list of priorities. Still I am determined to carry on and I have new pages which will start going up for you all on June 20th.  I’ll even throwing in some drawing tutorials.  With the adoption finalized it frees me up a little bit.  We’ve got more help in the nanny department and I’m getting some more time to get things acomplished.

The following is a mock comic review clip I shot for a potential webisode.  I don’t think they even looked at it.  meh.  They asked me to talk about my favorite comic, and I did.  Starman.  Yeah it’s a little older as a comic but hey, so am I.  It’s difficult putting yourself out there.  I always tell people that I support people who create things because it takes real courage to put yourself out there.  Always be proud of that.  Anyway, Enjoy.  The comic is awesome, my rabblings are okay.  I’m thinking about doing more.  However I’d like to get this comic going again and soon.  Thanks for checking back.