Hey everyone.  Thank you to everyone who clicked on the link for my friend Hugh’s You Caring fundraising page for his Kidney Transplant.  And even more to those who donated.  We’re about over half way to the goal but more is needed.  If you haven’t pledged but have a buck to spare, it would mean a lot to a good man and friend to help him & his family get back on their feet after a difficult & expensive medical procedure.

Now to the Video.  This one is much longer than the last one, however as I did not have really to much more to add with pen technique I decided to discuss a little Story boarding and Character Design. Thank you to everyone who has been coming back during this hiatus of Way of the Undead Fist.  I’m working hard to try and have enough done by my deadline of June.  I appreciate you all sticking with me, I just want this book to be as awesome as it can.  =)  Thank you and enjoy.