So here are the pencils for this week’s page.  While I’ve switched to inking digitally, I’m still drawing all of my pages out first in Redline pencil.  The future Red line pages will be available for sale as well as all of the previous fully inked pages.  Part of my economic plan was to sell the original pages once I had enough people interested in the Comic.  They are larger than full Comic sized art at approximately 11-1/4 x 15.  (these run a little bigger to fit better in Computer screen aspect ratio.)  They are fully inked (no word ballons) and make a very hansome display for collectors. I’m still working on the details, but let me know if anyone is interested.  Also I will be collecting and putting together a PDF of the first 44 pages with sketches, progress pages, character bios and making of section.  It will be available for my 5$ and up Patreons on my Patreon site.

I’m also hoping to call on some friends help to streamline some of site.  I’m okay at figuring out most things but I’m concerned I’m not reaching everyone who has signed up for this site properly.  I want to make sure everyone is getting the full Way of the Undead Experience.  Even if that sounded hella corny. 😉

Thanks everyone for reading,

Matt Filer