Hey everyone!  Just posting some more pencils.  These are from Page 36. Backgrounds weren’t a big thing here.  Using the ole talking heads, punctuated with a dramatic bird’s eye view of magic.  It was important to recognize that these Zombies are more driven on Sorcery than Science.  I thought Chinese Necromancy sounded awfully cool.  But I still wanted some connection with the Science driven zombies of Today.  One of the things I implemented was the Head kill shot. If you notice the destruction of the brain or spine is what stops these Zombies.  This particular one was able to be reanimated by summoning the spirit of it’s Jiangshi Demon King creator into the intact head and spine.  Fun huh?  I’m exploring these Jiangshi as thralls to their creator as well, creating a mystical or psychic connection.   However keeping the rules loose is good early on in a comic.  It allows you to explore the world as you are creating it, and add things to keep it fresh for me as well as you guys.  I can’t wait til you get to read what’s coming next.  =)

Don’t forget the Hiatus that is starting in late March.  I will have some making comic videos to release over that time.  And don’t be afraid to check out my Patreon page.  I will have some more things to post there as well.  =)