Hey guys, Thought I’d spend some time posting pencils pages and the like.  I draw all of my pencils in Red.  The reason is that it’s extremely easy for me to take that color out in Photoshop.  So when I finish my inks, I don’t have to spend hours erasing my pencil lines.  I just click a button and they’re gone.  =)

We are getting very close to the end of Chapter 1.  In fact its next week.  It’s been quite a blur.  Between being a Stay at Home Dad, a part-time Barista, Freelance Artist and drawing this book I can’t remember when I’ve been more busy and also more fulfilled.  However I have not been able to keep up the pace with the release of this book.  With Health Insurance at a precarious and unpredictable crossroads, holding onto my Starbucks job is more important to my family than ever.  I do not wish to compromise the quality of the Artwork nor the speed at which I release it.  So I’m going to take a 2 month Hiatus to build back up my buffer of pages.  I want to have the pages done so that I can focus on taking care of my family rather than worrying if I can get enough of the Comic done that week.

If this interruption of your regularly scheduled Kung Fu Madness is as upsetting to you as it is to me, please feel free to donate to my Patreon account.  Money goes to Daycare and Nanny services so I can do more work.  And I’m doing my part to try to speed up the process here too.  I recently purchased a Cintinq and now Digitally inking this book.  It’s taking a little time to learn, but I can see a lot of places I can pick up some speed here and there.

I have done a short epilogue that will continue for a couple of weeks.  The final day before the Hiatus will be March 21st.  I’ll continue posting at least updates at least once a week.  Pencils pages like this one, Making of Videos, character sketches and hints and discussions about what’s coming up.  My plan is to start posting again in June.  Which will make it one year since I began releasing Material.

I want to thank everyone for reading.  This really has been one the things I am most proud of.  It’s been a true pleasure making this book and sharing it with you all.  I hope you all come back and see what future adventures Hu and his companions get into.