Hey Everyone, How I draw episode 1 is up and in the ‘Tutorials’ section of the website.  Just a preview of what I’m doing with the comic.  So if you’re curious in watching me draw or like listening to comic creators drone on about their craft and gain some insight into what’s going on in Way of the Undead Fist, check it out.  =)  This is really a test episode.  The later updates are at a much higher rez and at a better angle.  Also if you do enjoy it and want to not only see more, have more step by step instructions and even pick the type of material being drawn then don’t forget to sign as a Patreon.  Members get access to more tutorials as well as get to name the subject matter of the next tutorial.  Just click on the Support on Patreon button and sign up.  All proceeds go to keeping me drawing this book.  =)