Or ‘Tip your Artist, I’ll be here for awhile’.  Like many web comic creators I have created a Patreon Account to help me fund this lifelong passion of mine.  This truly is my favorite thing I’ve ever created thus far.  I love working on it, and I have to admit, I think I’m pretty good at it.  However I’m not Stephen King or Jim Lee or anyone with name recognition that would allow me to make a living at it in the traditional sense.  I still work and have responsibilities that can not be ignored.  Patreon is really a way of fans to ‘tip the artist’.  Easy enough concept, I make a good Cappuccino, I get a tip.  I create cool art and a fun story that takes you out of your day for a moment, I get a tip.  And depending how much your tipping me, I can give you things through the site as well.  Such as custom tutorials, digital downloads of artwork and previews of what’s to come and how I make it.  Like so.


In the end, the more supporters I can get on Patreon, the more time and work I can do on the book.  The more I can post per week, the more tutorials I can make.  Now if you can’t or don’t want to support me, that’s more than fine.  I still appreciate my readers, the comic itself is always free.  This is more for those who want to see more page posts during the week, want to tip their local artist, or maybe are interested in how he creates it or are looking for more complex tutorials than the basic ones on the site.  Because while I appreciate all pledges, I covet your readership much more.  Thank you.

-Matt Filer