Hey everyone, thank you all for checking out Way of the Undead Fist.  I hope you’ve all enjoyed what you’ve read so far.  I realize the pace has been slow but rest assured I am hard at work putting things in motion to hopefully speed that up.  For now just know I greatly appreciate your viewership.  If anyone has been curious, I do draw and ink the comic traditionally with pencil and brush.  I am however looking at ditching the traditional Ink in favor of more digital means.  Once I can settle on what that’s going to look like, I should be able to simplify and speed up my overall process.  I am a very fast penciler, but my inking is sssslloooow.  Rest assured that whatever I end up doing, the comic will look even better.  Thank you again for reading, Page 7 will be up next Tuesday.  Way UF page 4 postshow