Too say it’s been awhile since I updated this site would be mild at best.  I’ve been dealing with a long line of personal family issues that have thankfully been coming up roses of late (knocking on wood).  Thing is, that when you get into a routine with your life and are being pressured on all sides you tend to turtle and not attempt to deal with anything new or complicated.  Putting this comic up on a consistent basis was a complication and commitment  I wasn’t able to make.  I didn’t want to post a few pages and then run out of steam because Life was getting in the way. That’s not to say I have not been working my tail off on it in the meantime.  I released the site and comic early to keep contacts and get some work.  While doing it I’ve been part of a few other amazing projects.  Most notably created original artwork for the award winning Film “White Rabbit” starring Nick Krause, Sam Trammell and Britt Robertson.

Right now though, I’m focused on getting this site and pages up.  I’ve got the content done, I need to get all the nuts and bolts of the site working.  I plan on having the words to the Image above ready By June the first and follow it with a new page every Tuesday.  I will also be posting images from work I’ve done for White Rabbit as well as sketches, designs and backstory for ‘Way of the Undead Fist’.  I plan on having a Patreon account and will be doing some drawing Tutorials, with the Example art going to Patreon Members and offering Commissioned work as well.

So to anyone who has visited the site and wondered what the heck?, Heck is happening now.  Sorry for the delay, I greatly appreciate you bearing with me.  To anyone showing up now, keep reading, I got some fun stuff on the way. =)